MCADSV is dedicated to the empowerment of all the state's survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Our mission is to develop and promote efforts aimed at the elimination of all domestic and sexual violence in Michigan.

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Confidentiality Policy Considerations and Recommendations: A Resource Manual for Michigan Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs

Intended for service providers, this manual discusses best practice considerations for programs to use to develop and revise confidentiality/record keeping policies. While legal experts have reviewed this manual, the recommendations are offered only for purposes of consideration and discussion. This manual is divided into two separate sections: 1) Policy Recommendations and Considerations for Michigan Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs and 2) Legal Discussion and Interpretation of Relevant Statutes and Case Law.
$ 45.00 (1 manual - includes S&H)

The Dating Violence Pamphlet

A resource for teachers and school counselors created by the MCADSV Children's Task Force. The pamphlet provides a list of common reactions of children who have witnessed violence, as well as common signs that may indicate violence in a dating relationship and what teachers and school counselors can do to help.
$ 21.00 (100 pamphlets) includes S&H

The Sexual Assault Victim Assistance Card

A resource for survivors. The small tri-fold card includes information on common responses to sexual assault, what to do if you were assaulted recently or in the past, information on the criminal justice system, and rights of crime victims.
$ 52.00 (500 cards) includes S&H

Outcome Evaluation Strategies for Sexual Assault Service Programs: A Practical Guide

A resource for sexual assault programs on evaluating sexual assault services. The guide was designed to break down the evaluation process into manageable and understandable steps to facilitate the process, and includes information on data collection, analyzing findings, and sample outcome measures.
No longer available in print form
You may download a copy from our site

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Resource Guide for Michigan Communities

A manual intended for individuals or agencies interested in starting a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program. The manual discusses the role of a SANE in working with sexual assault survivors, and the role of the medical community and counseling programs in designing a model program.
$ 35.00 (1 manual) includes S&H

A Handbook for Survivors of Sexual Assault

A resource for adult survivors.  It contains accurate information regarding medical and legal concerns, as well as information on physical and emotional healing.
$ 175.00 (approx. 180 handbooks - 1 case) includes S&H

A Handbook for Friends & Family of Sexual Assault Survivors

is intended for friends and family of adult survivors of sexual assault. The handbook was prepared with the purpose of providing friends and family members of sexual assault survivors with accurate information regarding how to best support a friend or family member who has been sexually assaulted.
$ 175.00 (approx. 200 handbooks - 1 case) includes S&H